Paying for a care home when you own property

1. Property Disregard

If you own a property this is normally included in the financial assessment. In some cases you may even be required to sell your home to meet the costs of your nursing or residential care.

In some circumstances the value of your home will not be included as part of the financial assessment. This is called a Property Disregard.

The value of your home will not be included in the financial assessment if:

  • your stay in a care home is temporary
  • you're moving into a care home permanently and:
    • your spouse or partner continues to live in the property
    • a family member over the age of 60 continues to live in the property
    • a family member is under 60 years of age, and receives certain types of disability allowances, lives in the property
    • you have a child under the age of 18 and they live in the property
    • additional, exceptional circumstances apply

If you've any concerns, or would like advice and guidance on when we'll take the value of your property into consideration, contact us.

To find more information, read our paying for residential and nursing home care if you own property leaflet (PDF 2.2Mb).

The 12 week Property Disregard Scheme

For the first 12 weeks of your care:

  • we will not take your property into consideration and
  • you will not have to make any decisions about selling your home

Instead, you'll only be asked to pay a contribution towards your care home fees and we'll pay the remainder. We'll calculate the amount you pay, dependent on your income and savings.

If you've savings of more than £23,250 you'll be required to pay the full cost of your care. If you sell your home during this 12 week window you'll also be required to meet your care costs.