Apply for a permit

A resident or visitor parking scheme aims to make parking easier for homeowners and tenants who do not have driveways and are forced to park on the road.

You'll need to submit proof of vehicle ownership and proof of address if you're applying for a resident parking permit. If you're applying for a visitor permit, you need to submit proof of address.

How to use a parking permit

You must clearly display the permit in the windscreen of the vehicle.

When we send you this permit, we'll tell you where you can park.

You cannot use this permit to park where there are restrictions such as bus stops or double yellow lines.

Your vehicle must be parked completely inside a marked bay.

Scratch cards

Residents in certain parking schemes can pay for daily scratch cards. Each scratch card costs £1.

You'll need to request a scratch card at least 1 week before you want to use it.

Apply for a new parking permit

You can email if you:

  • are changing your vehicle registration number
  • have any queries about parking permits
  • are new to the area and do not yet have proof of residency
  • need to make changes to an existing permit
  • want to request a scratch card