Parking on highway grass verges

Parking vehicles on the highways grass verges causes damage that's expensive to repair.

Verge damage can be caused by:

  • residents parking outside their properties
  • visiting vehicles. For example; near schools from regular vehicles visiting the area
  • delivery vehicles / other vehicles that cannot be associated with a property or premises
  • vehicles cutting across a corner of a highway / mounting pavement to avoid waiting in traffic

It's an offence under the Highways Act to cause damage to highway verges, or other parts of the highway.

Use the online form below to make enquiries and report problems with verges and trees.

Report a problem with trees and verges

More highways act information

  • under the Highways Act 1980 s137 it is an offence to wilfully obstruct a highway (Punishable by Fixed Penalty Notice)
  • under the Highways Act 1980 s131 it is an offence to damage a highway without lawful authority or excuse (punishable by claim for damages)
  • under the Highways Act 1835 s72 and the Road Traffic Act 1988 s34 it is an offence to drive on any footpath or causeway alongside any road (punishable by fine)

There's no legislation in place to confer a right to park on a public road, pavement or verge. If the council is required to carry out remedial works, it may seek to recover any expense incurred and prosecute persistent offenders.