Parent and child fostering

Becoming a parent at a young age can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve had a negative experience from your own upbringing. We believe that families should be kept together wherever possible. One of the ways to achieve this is by ensuring that vulnerable parents have the opportunity to care for their children.

What you can offer

The aim of parent and child fostering is to support young parents to develop the skills and maturity that they need to look after their baby.

Alongside social workers and the fostering team, our carers play a vital role by welcoming the parent and child into their home and providing support and guidance. Our carers help young parents to build their confidence to enable them to be good parents.

This type of care usually involves looking after young parents who are often mothers under the age of 18 and their babies or young children. We may also need you to support and advise parents over the age of 18 who may have complex needs and require a helping hand with parenting. The role often involves assessing the parent’s ability to care for their child. This helps the fostering team to decide whether the baby can stay with the parent.

Support and training

During your assessment you’ll be supported and guided by an experienced qualified supervising social worker. They'll work with you to think through the rewards and solutions to the potential challenges of this role. You will join the Stockport fostering community, as well as having access to local support groups and social activities.

Find out more about the support and training offered to all foster carers.

Payments and allowances

In Stockport, we pay generous allowances of up to £700 per week.

For more information about parent and child fostering, email or call 0161 474 3400.