Our Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise Sector (VCFSE) strategy

Our strategy describes a collective commitment to the VCFSE sector in Stockport over the next 5 years. It aims to support the growth, sustainability and resilience of local VCFSE organisations. These organisations can then continue to support stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

The strategy will:

  • make sure the VCFSE sector is represented in Greater Manchester and locally through membership of strategic boards
  • strengthen and develop Stockport’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Networks
  • embed the VCFSE sector in the design and delivery of our emerging Neighbourhood Working model

Priority 1: Investment

To meet this priority, we’ll:

  • develop a local investment framework that includes grants and revenue generation from a variety of sources and activities, as well as opportunities for collaboration
  • continue to grow more social enterprises and support them to thrive, through social investment programmes such as Proper Good
  • increase the number of VCFSE organisations delivering commissioned services by supporting organisations to be commission-ready

Priority 2: Capacity building

To meet this priority, we’ll:

  • support communities to manage and use local spaces and buildings
  • support the VCFSE sector through:
    • workforce development
    • making sure funding supports the Real Living Wage commitment
    • investing in volunteers to help support economic growth across the sector
    • helping organisations to evidence the impact of the work they do and maximise opportunities through social value
    • encouraging organisations to make the most of digital opportunities and making sure they have the infrastructure, skills and networks to do this. This will also support climate action ambitions

Priority 3: Community power

To meet this priority, we’ll:

  • increase the representation of the VCFSE sector on our strategic boards
  • establish a VCFSE Alliance to be an equal partner to existing strategic boards
  • commit to the VCFSE Compact which is aligned with the ambitions of the Greater Manchester VCFSE Accord
  • invest in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Networks to elevate the voice of communities
  • work with communities to co-design our services and strategies
  • maximise opportunities for volunteering and value the contribution of local volunteers

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