Our plan to tackle climate change

1. Introduction

In March 2019, the council declared a climate emergency with cross-party agreement. We recognise that greenhouse gases will cause severe climate change and that urgent action is needed to reduce emissions and adapt.

The whole of the Stockport borough, including the council, residents and businesses, must make big changes to reduce our emissions now so that we stop contributing to climate change.

Our 2 key targets are:

  • for Stockport to be carbon neutral by 2038
  • for Stockport Council to be net zero by 2030

The Climate Action Now (CAN) plan underpins Stockport’s target to be carbon neutral. The initial strategy was approved by full council in October 2020. In 2021 we created a CAN team to lead this work.

In November 2021, the council made a pledge through UK100 to achieve net zero emissions for our own operations by 2030. For more information about the UK100 network visit the UK100 website.

Responsibility for climate change strategy at Stockport Council

Councillor Mark Roberts is the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment. A cross-party group, representing all 5 parties in Stockport, meets 4 times a year to discuss progress and agree strategy.

Nick Leslie is the Head of Climate Action Now at Stockport Council.