Operation Eagle Eye

1. Overview

Operation Eagle Eye is a high visibility, persuasive initiative to help tackle parking and congestion issues around primary schools.

It is a partnership between schools, our Road Safety Team and the Police. Whilst parking issues are addressed others such as speeding, mobile phone and seat belt usage are also monitored.

Vehicle congestion around schools is a common problem and a cause for concern for the safety of pupils and the wider community. There are many issues that have an impact on road safety around schools including:

  • unlawful and inconsiderate parking
  • speeding
  • using mobile phones
  • not wearing seat belts

Vehicles parked on school entrance markings (yellow zigzags), double and single yellow lines, obstructing local resident’s driveways and parking too close to junctions can cause serious issues.

Eagle Eye seeks to encourage a change in behaviour. It can be a tool to use in conjunction with measures promoting walking and cycling to school.