Online Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

1. Our DBS Service

Our dedicated and experienced team will provide the support and advice you may need to help you through the DBS application including advice and guidance relating to DBS eligibility, ID queries, convictions, processing forms and online system queries. We use a secure online system where an applicant can apply for Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks online.

Our system is completely paperless and as such we can validate data as soon as it is entered on the screen. Once the application is completed and checked by our DBS team, it is submitted, using a secure and encrypted connection, directly with the Disclosure and Barring Service and Criminal Justice Departments servers to be processed.

Fast, convenient and efficient

  • reduced risk of error as the system will check and validate every application, reducing processing time
  • applicants can complete their section of the DBS form at their convenience. They can complete their form from any computer whether it is at home or at their work place via the secure website that can be accessed 24/7

Paperless, no postage delays and postage costs

  • no paper forms are involved in this entire process
  • no waiting for application forms to be posted or received
  • no security risks involved if the post goes missing or is delayed
  • reduced carbon footprint

System Security

  • secure website approved by the Home Office and Ministry of Justice
  • the upmost security of information and data protection

Speedy Results

  • receive electronic results via email and online
  • basic and Standard DBS Checks can be returned within 24 hours
  • enhanced DBS disclosures can be returned within 4 to 5 working days
  • faster recruitment decisions, minimising risk of losing top candidates