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Online bookings

2. Taxi vehicle testing

All vehicle tests and retests are booked and paid for via the online booking system.

Before your test you should view the Vehicle Test Information and Appeals Process v12 (PDF 50.5Kb) and complete the emissions questionnaire (PDF 117Kb). A copy of the questionnaire is available from the surgery drop-in or test centre.

Please note: that an increasing number of Post Offices will not accept a vehicle compliance test pass certificate in lieu of a VOSA MOT Certificate. You're therefore advised to check with your post office before booking a vehicle test. This is to find out if a vehicle compliance test pass certificate will be acceptable. If necessary you should select a VOSA MOT when booking your test.

From 1st December 2017 you're no longer required to input a unique reference number to book your vehicle in for test. You must ensure that the information you input for the booking is accurate. Your vehicle may be turned away from the Test Centre if the vehicle details in the booking system differ from those on the vehicle being presented for test. If you wish to cancel or amend the test you will do so via the confirmation email. Please ensure you retain this for reference.

Book a taxi vehicle test

Please note: It's your responsibility to ensure that you book the correct vehicle test type and within the required timescales and mileage. Your vehicle will be turned away from the test centre if it is presented for test outside of these parameters.

Failure to ensure that your vehicle has passed the test by these dates will result in either;

  • the suspension of your vehicle or;
  • the expiry of your licence

This will mean that the vehicle will not be licensed and you will commit a criminal offence if you use it for licensed work.

Future test due dates

You will need to familiarise yourself with your 6 month test due date and the date of expiry of your licence. We have developed a guide to vehicle test due dates (PDF 101Kb) to help you.

If the due date falls on a weekend or bank holiday you must ensure that the vehicle has passed its test before that time.