Child placement or discharge

1. Overview

Arrangements for placement of children - Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010 (2014 amendments).

Local authorities

Where a looked-after-child is placed, moves or is discharged from placement by a local authority in the area of another local authority, notification must be made by the placing authority to the local authority's Children's Social Care Services where the child's placement is located.

In turn we will inform the relevant Education Service and the relevant Health Trust in Stockport and the police if there is a particular risk associated with the child.

Stockport will maintain a register of looked-after-children for whom it is responsible and all looked after children placed in its area. This includes children who are the responsibility of another local authority as per the above statutory regulations.

Children's Homes

The Manager of a Children’s Home must notify their host local authority (if different from the placing authority) of the admission and/or discharge from the Home of any child.


Under Section 85 and 86 of the Children Act 1989, there is a requirement that residential or hospital settings must notify the local authority where the child is a resident or has been for 3 months or more.

There is an obligation for a suitably qualified and experienced social worker to visit the child. This is not only to ensure that the young person’s well-being is promoted and safeguarded but to also provide an additional support back to their community.

As the host authority, Stockport should also be informed. In these circumstances Stockport Council will also reinforce the requirement for the placing Authority to carry out its duties. Please see the Contact Us section to send information to the Stockport Children Social Care Duty Manager at the Multi Agency Safeguarding and Support Hub.