Non-profit making organisations

2. Eligibility

To qualify for discretionary relief as a non-profit making organisation your business must:

  • be used for charitable, philanthropic or religious purposes.


  • be concerned with educational, social welfare, science, literature, the fine arts, or used wholly or mainly for recreation by a not for profit club or society.

We will also consider the following upon receipt of your application for discretionary relief:


  • Membership should be open to all sections of the community, unless there are legitimate restrictions placed on membership
  • The organisation should actively encourage membership from particular groups in the community
  • Facilities should be made available to people other than members

Provision of facilities

  • The organisation should provide training or education for its members There should be schemes for particular groups to develop their skills
  • Are the facilities provided/maintained by self-help or are they grant aided?
  • Does the organisation run a bar?

Other considerations

  • Is the organisation affiliated to a local or national organisation?
  • Is membership drawn from people mainly resident with Stockport's boundaries?