3. Noise nuisance

Every year we receive more than one thousand complaints involving domestic noise. These are often about loud music, barking dogs, burglar alarms and car alarms.

We would advise the complainant to approach their neighbour and discuss the problem in a friendly and informal manner. It may be they are not aware that they are causing a nuisance.

Some noise, however upsetting it may be, cannot be classified as a Statutory Nuisance, e.g. aircraft noise and reasonable levels of household noise.

When a complaint is first made, we take the basic details of the problem. However, in most cases we cannot act on this information alone. We must investigate to collect evidence and build a case.

If a statutory nuisance is found during our investigations, we must serve an abatement notice on the source of the problem. This requires the noise to be stopped or reduced.

If we serve a notice and the noise continues which is witnessed again by an officer we may consider prosecuting the source. If this happens, the complainant may have to give evidence in court about the noise.

You can report issues with noise to us by completing the online form below:

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