Young people to shape the Climate Action agenda in Stockport

A new Schools Climate Assembly will see pupils set the agenda for climate action in Stockport.

As part of the programme from the Climate Action Now team at Stockport Council, young people will take part in a pupils’ Council Chamber debate which will result in recommendations being presented to Members at a full council meeting. Schools across Stockport are invited to take part and support is also available to help with taking part in the programme and travel costs.

In 2020, twenty Stockport schools took part in a climate debate at Manchester University, and at the Stockport Climate Action Now Summit in November 2021 a group of four young people led 66 pupils from across 24 schools in a discussion about climate action.

Cllr Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport at Stockport Council, said: "We have heard clearly that young people are passionate about tackling the climate crisis and we wanted to create a space for them to have a voice and show that Stockport Council is listening and ready to act.

"I wish all the young people taking part in this good luck, and we'll see you in the Council Chamber."

Register your interest for the programme.

The programme will involve:

  1. February - March: Schools will get access to a Climate Action lesson pack that explores types of actions that greatly impact on climate change. Each school will agree a list of 3 ideas to submit.
  2. April: Five motions will be selected by the project steering group.
  3. April - May: All participating schools will get access to a Democracy in Action lesson pack to support pupils to debate the five selected motions in school and to prepare for the Council Chamber debate.
  4. End of June: All participating schools will be invited to take part in a half day Council Chamber debate at Stockport Town Hall. The selected schools will present their proposed motions and then every school will contribute to the debate. Each school can send 2 representatives. At the end of the debate, all pupils will vote for the ideas they think should go forward.
  5. July: The most voted for ideas will be presented by the young people at a full council meeting.

After you register, the council's CAN team will get in touch to confirm you have registered and will share a Dropbox site where key information, lesson plans and other resources will be provided.

The Stockport CAN Fund is available to communities and schools to apply for up to £500 for activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Stockport. Your school can apply to the Stockport CAN Fund to support with participating in the Schools Climate Assembly.

Email with any enquiries.