Young people in need receive laptops to help continue with their education

Stockport Council is the second local authority in the country to receive the digital devices from DfE and all 53 care leavers who needed a device have received one.

Laptops have also been distributed to children in the borough with a social worker who have no means of completing their school work remotely.

Care leavers in Stockport have been given laptops as part of the Department for Education (DfE) scheme to help young people in need continue their education and keep in contact with support services. The scheme provides laptops, tablets and internet access to disadvantaged families, children and young people to enable them to access remote education and social care services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Secondary schools are also receiving a separate allocation of devices to enable their year 10 students who currently have no means to get online to continue with their studies.

One care leaver Chereece said: “I greatly appreciate this opportunity you have allowed me, I think it is wonderful that we have been given a laptop for further support with work, education and all other things. It’s come in handy massively!”

Cllr Colin Foster, Cabinet Member for Children, Family Services and Education said: “The lockdown with the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of online learning for all our families. This DfE initiative, supported by Stockport Council IT colleagues has meant that children in need can utilise digital technology to improve their access to education materials and stay in contact with support services too.”

Cllr Kate Butler, Cabinet Member for Citizen Focus and Engagement said: “The council recognises how important internet access is to everyone. Digital helps people stay in touch with loved ones, order shopping, manage their health and wellbeing, and keep up to date with the latest advice and information. We continue to do all we can to increase access for all and to support residents to learn the digital skills they need.”

The council’s Stockport Local Fund has recently made an award to DigiKnow partner StartingPoint to enable them to set up a digital lending library. Full details will follow soon.