Updated statement on Marple Pool - July 2019

Further progress is being made with the project to develop options for providing a replacement leisure centre in Marple.

This could incorporate a broader range of community facilities than those offered in the current pool building. Stockport Council has appointed GT3 Architects to lead the technical team developing concept designs for the scheme. GT3 have recently carried out a number of designs for similar schemes, which have included wet and dry sports facilities and a variety of community uses. They will be supported by a wider professional team.

It is anticipated that this phase of work will last 12-15 weeks and it will result in detailed designs being drawn up for a number of options. These will give us a better understanding of potential timescales and costs of potential schemes. In parallel with this, work is taking place to develop funding models for potential schemes.

Although we are committed to providing a replacement pool and leisure centre in Marple, we do not want to raise expectations until we are confident that we have a range of options which are deliverable. Once we get to this stage, we will be carrying out a programme of engagement with local residents and other stakeholders.

We do not anticipate being in a position to provide a further update on the project until the design options have been completed in late October/early November.

In the meantime, any queries can be directed to marplepoolproject@stockport.gov.uk