Town hall to be lit up orange for Batten Disease Awareness Day

Stockport Town Hall will be glowing orange in support of Batten Disease Awareness Day on 8-9 June 2018.

Batten disease, or Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL), is a family of rare diseases caused by autosomal recessive genetic mutations resulting in the body. There are 14 known forms of Batten disease and you will often hear them referred to as CLN1-CLN14.

Patients with Batten disease suffer progressive neurological impairment because of their damaged cells. Symptoms like visual impairment and seizures are among the difficulties they will face.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no cure for Batten disease.

The awareness day hopes to draw attention to Batten disease and raise money for research for ground-breaking treatment.

Cllr Tom McGee, Cabinet Member for Health at Stockport Council, said: “This is a horrible rare disease which deeply affects children and their families and carers. As we become more aware of this disease, hopefully funding to treat and find a cure will become more widely available.”

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