There’s still time to have your say on responsible dog ownership

Stockport Council has set a range of proposals to promote responsible dog ownership in the borough and we’d like your opinion on them.

We know that the majority of dog owners across Stockport already look after both their pets and their local environment, but the Council continues to receive complaints about dog fouling and other dog-related issues.

In response to these complaints, the Council is proposing the following:

  • Strengthen the existing provisions to prevent dog fouling by increasing the current fine from £50 to £100
  • Excluding dogs from enclosed children’s play areas and other enclosed sports areas
  • Requiring dogs to be kept on leads in cemeteries and around bowling greens
  • No more than four dogs to be under the control of one person in parks and other public open areas
  • Requiring people to have dog bags or the means to pick up after their dog when they are walking their dog
  • Requiring people to put dogs on a lead when requested by an authorised officer

Residents have until 7th June 2018 to have their say at Once this consultation has taken place, the Council will take a decision on what measures to introduce.

This is part of the ‘We Love Stockport – Be Proud of Where You Live’ campaign that is underway across the borough.

Mark Glynn, Strategic Head of Place Management at Stockport Council, said: “The Council is committed to improving the environment in Stockport. Dog fouling is one of the biggest causes of complaints from the public and, by doubling the fine from £50 to £100, we want to send out a strong message that it is not acceptable not to pick up after your dog.

“The other measures are designed to promote responsible dog ownership. We know the vast majority of dog owners are considerate and do care about the local environment, but we want to make sure that the Council’s greenspaces and public areas can be enjoyed by everybody.”

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