Support your community by applying for the Ward Flexibility Funding

Support your local community or voluntary group by applying for Ward Flexibility funding.

The funding comes from Stockport council who each year give £3,000 to each of the 21 wards to support activities of local community or voluntary groups, small projects or individuals that contribute positively to the environmental, economic or social wellbeing of people within the particular ward.

Priority is given to projects or activities that:

• Are from non-commercial organisations in respect of events or other community activities.
• Are run by local volunteers who wish to improve communities in economically/socially excluded and/ or deprived areas.
• Encourage involvement of local residents in improving, designing, identifying and implementing community activities.
• Promote voluntary participation and social inclusion as well as community involvement and self-help.
• Are consistent with the priorities in Stockport’s Sustainable Community Strategy.

Anyone who has a one off project/event, local small project, need minor start-up costs or help with purchasing equipment will be considered.

Previous recipients of ward funding include Heatons and Reddish Area Committee, who made a grant of £480.00 to Thornfield Park Ladies Bowling Club to help refurbish the bowling pavilion that is in poor state at present. With the grant the group was able to purchase, 3 metal storage cupboards, 2 notice boards and decorating materials.

Marple Area Committee has also made a grant of £150.00 to the Friends of Rosehill Station, to support the organisation and encourage more people to volunteer and contribute to the maintenance of the station and the surrounding gardens. The Friends Group spent the grant on promotional materials including the erection of permanent posters at the station promoting the work of the group and various other activities.

Applicants can apply for a minimum of £50 and grants above £1,000 will not normally be made.

Councillor Alex Ganotis, Leader of Stockport Council said: “The funding is there to help local communities and voluntary groups make a positive impact on their wards, whether that be environmental, economic or to improve the social wellbeing of the people living in that particular ward.”

To download a form and to find our more information go to:

Completed application forms should be returned to:

Democratic Services
Stockport Council Town Hall