Stockport tops the national flu vaccination league

Stockport’s GPs, nurses and midwives are the best in country for immunising people against flu – and that’s official!

Figures from Public Health England show that 97,134 Stockport residents were vaccinated against flu, the highest total ever.

In all but one category, NHS staff in the borough vaccinated a higher percentage of people than anywhere else in the country and increased uptake in all categories compared to last year.

And even in the category were Stockport came second – immunising all 2 year olds – it was pipped to the post by just 0.3%.

More than 7 out of 10 of Stockport’s expectant mums got their free flu jab and in the 65 and over group, that figure was even higher with just over 8 out of every 10 being vaccinated.

In the group of people aged 6 months to 65 years old who have a health condition that puts them at risk of developing serious complications if they caught flu, over 62% were vaccinated.

When it comes to vaccinating children aged 2, 3, GP practices achieved outstanding uptake with over 64% of all 2 year olds and 65.9% of all 3 year olds getting vaccinated.

The uptake amongst children has particularly pleased health chiefs in Stockport as GPs specifically targeted them this year because youngsters tend to be super spreaders of flu.

In every other category as well the uptake rate in Stockport was significantly above the target set by the Department of Health.

Stockport Council’s Deputy Director of Public Health Donna Sager said:
“I’d like to thank residents who have taken the opportunity to get their flu jab. A massive thank you as well to our fantastic Health Protection Team and Stockport’s GPs, nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals. This is a great example of how working across health and social care we can achieve excellent results. Well done to everyone!”

Dr Ranjit Gill, Chief Clinical Officer of NHS Stockport CCG and a local GP added:
“Year after year Stockport does a brilliant job of immunising its patients. Each year I say “we’ll try and do even better next year” and amazingly we do just that.

“This excellent achievement is down to not only the hard work of our doctors, nurses and midwives but also the people of Stockport being happy to step forward and have this potentially life-saving jab. Everyone concerned should take a bow – but watch out, we’ll be back next year aiming even higher!”

Janet Cotton, Head of Midwifery and Children’s Health at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, said:
“We are proud that we have been able to vaccinate such a high number of pregnant mums during the recent influenza vaccination campaign, and are pleased that so many of our women have taken up the offer.

“Flu is a threat to the health of both pregnant mums and their unborn babies, and vaccination is the best way to protect both of them. I’d like to thank the mums themselves within Stockport for being so responsive to our call to protect themselves and their babies.”