Stockport students take part in Restorative Justice Council films

Stockport students took part in films for the Restorative Justice Council, where they discussed how learning about and developing restorative practice skills has helped them.

Students in many of Stockport’s primary and secondary schools are being trained to help build and repair relationships through restorative practice.

Restorative practice teaches an understanding of others and helps pupils resolve conflict, build trust and prevent harm.

Acting restoratively can help prevent problems among pupils and can help resolve them when they do happen.

These techniques can help prevent bullying, improve attendance and reduce exclusion rates. It also helps young people express themselves and develop empathy.

Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick, Cabinet Member for Education, said: “I’d like to thank the schools and students for taking part in these films and showcasing the fantastic restorative work that Stockport schools have undertaken.

“In Stockport, instead of punishing students for bad behaviour in the first instance, we’re trying to first understand where this behaviour is coming from and how we can foster good relationships and resolve conflicts in a way that shapes better future behaviour.”

The Restorative Justice council will use these films to help encourage other schools, educational settings and local authorities to develop similar approaches within their schools.

To watch the videos please visit Restorative Justice Council website.