Stockport local election 2023 results

The results of the voting in the Stockport local elections 4th May 2023 are as follows:

Bramhall North: Mark Anthony Jones (Liberal Democrats), Suzanne Margaret Wyatt (Liberal Democrats), Alex Wynne (Liberal Democrats)
Bramhall South and Woodford: Ian George Powney (Liberal Democrats), Dallas Ann Jones (Liberal Democrats), Jeremy Richard Meal (Liberal Democrats)
Bredbury and Woodley: Joe Barratt (Labour Party), Sue Thorpe (Liberal Democrats), Rosemary Frances Barratt (Labour Party)
Bredbury Green and Romiley: Lisa Smart (Liberal Democrats), Angie Clark (Liberal Democrats), Mark Anthony Roberts (Liberal Democrats)
Brinnington and Stockport Central: Christine Nora Carrigan (Labour Party), Kerry Louise Waters (Labour Party), Karl Peter Marx Wardlaw (Labour Party)
Cheadle East & Cheadle Hulme North: David Paul Meller (Labour and Co-operative Party), Jilly Julian (Liberal Democrats), Yvonne Maureen Guariento (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Cheadle Hulme South: Mark James Hunter (Liberal Democrats), Helen Foster-Grime (Liberal Democrats), Keith Ernest Holloway (Liberal Democrats)
Cheadle West & Gatley: Graham Greenhalgh (Liberal Democrats), Ian Hunter (Liberal Democrats), Tom Morrison (Liberal Democrats)
Davenport & Cale Green: Dickie Davies (Labour Party), Wendy Margaret Wild (Labour Party), Janet Mobbs (Labour Party)
Edgeley: Matt Wynne (Edgeley Community Association), Leah Victoria Taylor (Edgeley Community Association), Asa Howard Caton (Edgeley Community Association)
Hazel Grove: Jake Austin (Liberal Democrats), Wendy Meikle (Liberal Democrats), Frankie Singleton (Liberal Democrats)
Heald Green: Carole Michelle McCann (Independent Ratepayers), Anna Mary Charles-Jones (Independent Ratepayers), Catherine Louise Stuart (Independent Ratepayers)
Heatons North: David Andrew Sedgwick (Labour Party), John Alan Taylor (Labour Party), Dena Miriam Anna Ryness (Labour Party)
Heatons South: Colin Anderson Foster (Labour Party), Dean Fitzpatrick (Labour Party), Claire Vibert (Labour Party)
Manor: Laura Clingan (Labour Party), Sue Glithero (Labour Party), Charlie Stewart (Labour Party)
Marple North: Steve Gribbon (Liberal Democrats), Geoff Abell (Liberal Democrats), Becky Senior (Liberal Democrats)
Marple South & High Lane: Shan Alexander (Liberal Democrats), Aron Thomas Thornley (Liberal Democrats), Colin David MacAlister (Liberal Democrats)
Norbury & Woodsmoor: Grace Elizabeth Baynham (Liberal Democrats), Dominic Francis Thomas Hardwick (Liberal Democrats), Pete West (Liberal Democrats)
Offerton: Will Dawson (Liberal Democrats), Helen Sarah Hibbert (Labour Party), Will Sharp (Labour Party)
Reddish North: David Stephen Wilson (Labour Party), Holly Patricia McCormack (Labour Party), Rachel Wise (Labour Party)
Reddish South: Liz Crix (Green Party), Gary Austin Lawson (Green Party), James Edward Frizzell (Green Party)

More detailed information on the local elections is on our democracy web pages at Election results by party, 4 May 2023 - Stockport Council.