Stockport County urges fans to be cancer aware

Stockport Council have teamed up with Stockport County to encourage fans to be “Cancer Aware.”

On Saturday 10th March the Council’s Public Health team gave out information about catching cancer early to over 1200 supporters attending County’s home fixture against Brackley Town.

The council’s Public Health team talked to scores of supporters about the importance of early diagnosis and gave out facts about how living a healthy lifestyle can cut the risk of developing cancer.

Simon Dawson, Commercial Manager at Stockport County said:

“It’s estimated 1 in 2 of our supporters will develop cancer in their lifetime and that’s quite a scary fact. However the good news is that more people are living longer thanks to earlier diagnosis and better treatments. There are still too many people though especially men who often brush symptoms aside and don’t get themselves checked out. I hope that this initiative will help our supporters recognise potential cancer symptoms earlier and encourage them to seek medical advice.”

Councillor Tom McGee, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Health said:

“Cancer is often a topic that people shy away from discussing. It was great therefore, to see how engaged and interested supporters were in finding more about how they can cut their risk of cancer and finding out about symptoms of cancer. We know early diagnosis is key to surviving cancer and it is great that Stockport County are helping us to raise awareness.”

Top tips in the fight against cancer are

• Making Healthy lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy weight cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking . For support to make healthy lifestyle changes see tel 0161 474 3141
• Take up all the offers from the NHS for cancer screening and health checks. Screening plays a vital role in the fight against cancer because it can be picked up before there are any symptoms. Getting cancer diagnosed at an early stage means treatment is more likely to be successful.
• Know your body and trust your own instincts. You know when something has changed or is not quite right, so don’t delay – see your GP. If you do notice something unusual notice something unusual in most cases it won’t be cancer but if it is, finding it early can make a real difference.
• Sign up to be a Cancer Champion. Cancer Champions volunteer to raise awareness in the community about how to prevent cancer and encourage people to take up invitations to cancer screening programmes To sign up as a volunteer cancer champion see here
Information on cancer signs and symptoms, early diagnosis and prevention can be found on the Cancer Research UK website
A free Cancer Research UK helpline, manned by trained cancer nurses, is also available on 0808 800 4040 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).