Stockport Council issues vouchers to vulnerable residents to support with the rising cost of living

Stockport Council has announced that it will offer some residents an additional cash voucher of £45, to help with the rising cost of living across the country.

The voucher, which will be paid in the form of a cashable Post Office voucher, is separate to the government’s £150 energy rebate, and the council’s additional £15 for households in council tax bands A-D. The scheme is being funded by the Department for Work and Pensions’ household support grant.

A voucher will be received by every household in Stockport which was registered on 21st February as in receipt of council tax support and/or housing benefit as paid by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Those who received holiday support voucher payments during the February half term school holiday will not be eligible for the voucher. This is due to those who have received holiday support vouchers having already received £105 minimum in support from the government’s household support grant.

The council hopes that the additional voucher will support residents during what is a difficult financial time for many households.

Eligible households will receive a voucher by post. Residents should note that the voucher will come in a plain envelope marked 'This is Not a Circular'. There will be a barcode at the bottom of the letter, which can then be taken to any Post Office and redeemed for the cash value. Vouchers will expire within 3 weeks of letters being distributed, with residents advised that these cannot be reissued once they expire.

Councillor Tom McGee, Deputy Leader of Stockport Council, commented: “This is a difficult time financially for our residents, and Stockport Council wants to support where we can. This voucher is designed to support our residents who are in need, but may not have received financial support from the council before. We hope that the extra £45 will be used towards the cost of energy and food, which we all know is going up at the moment.”

Councillor Amanda Peers, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Neighbourhoods at Stockport Council, added: “This scheme is just one of the ways we’re looking to lessen the impact of the current cost of living crisis on our least well-off residents. We have a long way to go to address the inequalities in our borough, with this scheme we are aiming to help to reduce the immediate pressures of increasing costs for those who have the least income.”

Vouchers are expected to land from 26th March.

For more information on the voucher scheme, visit the Stockport Council website.