Stockport Council encourages parents to tackle air pollution during the school run

Poor air quality is the largest environmental public health issue facing the UK and is estimated to contribute to the equivalent of 1,200 deaths in Greater Manchester each year.

Air pollution affects health throughout our life, but it affects children more so as their lungs are still growing. 60% of the pollution that children breathe in each day is during the school run, according to research from Queen Mary University of London.

As part of the wider campaign aiming to reduce air pollution in Stockport, we’re asking parents to be aware of dirty air at the school gates. This comes as children head back to school after half term on Monday 28 October.

We're asking that parents try one of the plans such as:
• Switching off engines at the school gates when dropping children off. It is also against the law to leave your engine running when your vehicle is stationary.
• Catching the school bus if you’re able to as it will help to cut down harmful air pollution, and tackle congestion.
• Walk or cycle to school. If you can, try and leave the car at home and walk or cycle to school. This will also help children be healthy and active growing up and is a great way to avoid the school run!

Cllr Jude Wells, Cabinet Member for Adult Care and Health, said: “It’s vital that we clean the air for our children and young people and for future generations. Children’s lungs are still developing and are even more at risk of lasting damage due to poor air quality.

“Everyone can play their part in helping to cut air pollution around our children’s’ schools by thinking about how we travel there. We can try to walk or cycle or use public transport. Even if you can do any of these for a few days a week, it all makes a difference.”

For more information on how we’re planning to cut pollution in Stockport, visit our air quality pages.