Stockport celebrates International Day of Older Persons 2021

Stockport Council is celebrating the wonderful contributions of older residents to the life of our borough.

Friday 1 October is International Day of Older Persons. With approximately 1 in 4 people who live in Stockport aged over 60, the borough has a slightly older population than other Greater Manchester boroughs. Stockport Council is celebrating the wonderful contributions of older residents to the life of our borough.
The theme for this year’s International Day of Older Persons is ‘Older and Greener’: an opportunity to mark the contribution of older people to making the world a more sustainable place and responding to the climate emergency.
Stockport Council has been collecting stories from residents and voluntary organisations on this topic.
George, a resident from Cheadle, is a keen gardener at his allotment, and is keen to grow his own fruit and vegetables to reduce plastic waste.
“My role for the environment is to encourage people to learn more about being with nature and using the Earth’s natural resources to look after ourselves,” said George.
“The saving as a family you could make by growing your own, the sense of pride you get from it and teaching your children, seeing their happy faces when they have grown their own fruit or vegetable makes it worthwhile, and good for the planet too.”
Janet is another Stockport resident who lives in Brinnington, and is conscious about how climate change is affecting the world she lives in.
“I have recently reduced my emissions by walking to more local places and not using my car,” Janet explained.
“I feel using more public transport is more economical and will improve the quality of air that not only us are breathing in but the future of our grandchildren and their grandchildren.”
As well as listening to residents’ stories, Stockport Council is helping to promote some fantastic events run by our partner organisations to celebrate International Day of Older Persons 2021. Age UK Stockport are inviting to two leisurely walks from Brinnington Leisure Centre and Woodbank Park on Friday (1st October), with the Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Nottingham, due to attend the latter. The walks both culminate in refreshments and are a great opportunity for older people to meet and have a chat. Find more information here or call 0161 480 1211 to book a place.
In addition, Stockport Homes have a number of exciting events running throughout the week to mark the International Day of Older Persons. These include a free party on Tuesday 5th October, a gardening club and two breakfast clubs at Smithy Green and Brereton Court on 5th and 6th October respectively. Stockport residents are encouraged to drop in, celebrate IDOP and meet new friends to chat with over a brew.
Councillor Jude Wells, Cabinet Member for Adult Care and Health, commented: “International Day of Older Persons is a good opportunity to celebrate all the great things going on in Stockport to enable people to age well and to develop a truly age-friendly borough.
“We’ve developed an Ageing Well Strategy document in partnership with health partners, the voluntary and community sector and local residents, which sets out our vision for becoming a truly age friendly borough, and there are already some fantastic pieces of work going on to achieve this. Examples include the development of age-friendly housing, including our All Age Living Campus, a multi-generational housing complex designed to keep people in their own homes as they get older, and our Community Champions programme, which supports people whose lives have been affected by the pandemic, as well as the emerging Age-Friendly Network for Stockport.”
Councillor Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport, added: “We all have our part to play in making the borough more sustainable: it’s one of the key aims of the One Stockport Borough Plan published earlier in the year. We value the positive contribution many older residents already make to positive climate action.”
Find out more about Stockport’s Age Friendly Agenda.