Statement from the Director of Public Health

Rates of coronavirus are starting to indicate a slow decline in Stockport so thank you for continuing to follow the lockdown restrictions.

Rates of coronavirus are starting to indicate a slow decline in Stockport so thank you for continuing to follow the lockdown restrictions.

Rates are now at 336.4 per 100,000 and we are also seeing around 141 new cases each day. View the latest published data. The new strain is 50-70% more infectious than previously and estimated to account for 70% of cases in Stockport. While there have been declines in our working age population and in children, rates are continuing to rise in the over 60s. This is concerning as this age group is more likely to hospitalised and bed occupancy at Stepping Hill Hospital is already at the highest rate since the pandemic began. (These are the latest figures for Stockport validated on 22 January 2021).

This week myself and Councillor Jude Wells, Cabinet Member for Adult Care & Health, have recorded an interview about current coronavirus situation in Stockport with questions from the Manchester Evening News. We talk about current coronavirus rates, next steps for staying safe and the great news of the vaccination programme.

Even though the vaccinations continue at pace, we must not let our guard down and should not see it as a reason to change behaviours we have implemented over almost a year. Even once vaccinated we may still catch coronavirus, even if the vaccine protects against the worst effects of the virus. Importantly, you may still pass it on to other people.

So be vigilant, do everything you can to stop the spread and be ever more cautious. We must continue to restrict contacts with people outside our households or social/childcare bubble as much as we can. Keep working from home if you are able. Though legally be allowed out for essentials, think about limiting trips to once a week only or try to get a delivery slot. Get a takeaway delivered rather than collecting. Exercise on your own, rather than with your support bubble or one other person allowed.

Continue to be scrupulous about infection control and hygiene, as one in three people with coronavirus may not show any symptoms. Keep up your two metres social distancing wherever possible. Do not enter enclosed spaces without a mask (unless exempt). Wash and santise hands regularly and stay in well ventilated places - if you’re inside this means having the windows open for at least 15/20 minute every hour. This will all help to keep you and others safe.

Only leave your house for food, exercise, medical reasons or work if unable to do this from home. For information about what you can and cannot do visit GOV.UK.

After the adverse weather that we have seen this week and if we see similar in the coming days, take care if you need to leave your house and only go out for essential journeys. Please don’t take any unnecessary risk and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

For information on how you might look after your health and wellbeing, please visit our Health and Wellbeing pages or for ways to remain healthy, please visit Healthy Stockport.

If you have a new continuous cough, high temperature, or a change or loss of smell/taste - however mild, stay at home and book a test via GOV.UK or by phoning 119. You and your household members must self-isolate while you await your results. If found positive, stay home for 10 days. Household members must stay at home for 10 days. Minimise transmission within your home by staggering use of the bathroom, giving each person their own towel, and keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean.

If told to self-isolate through the NHS Covid 19 app you must follow the instruction.

The council’s Coronavirus helpline and website can be accessed on 0161 217 6046, Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. If you’re deaf or have difficulty hearing, you can use our textphone on 07860 022 876. Find out more by visiting our helpline page.