Spring Covid vaccine bookings now open

The NHS is encouraging those aged 75 and over and other eligible people to book their Covid vaccine this spring.

Spring Covid vaccine bookings now open

You are eligible for the Spring vaccine if you:

  • age 75 or older
  • live in a care home
  • are aged six months old or over and have a severely weakened immune system (often known as immunosuppressed)

Dr Helen Wall, Clinical Director of Population Health at NHS Greater Manchester said: “Viruses change so the protection offered by a vaccine fades over time and it becomes less effective. The Spring vaccine is ‘topping up’ your existing protection.

“For some people Covid can feel like a bad cold but if you have a weakened immune system or are elderly, there is the risk of serious illness and life-threatening complications. So if you are eligible, make sure you book an appointment. By getting vaccinated you are looking after your own health as well as protecting those around you.”

The NHS is sending texts, emails, NHS App messages or letters to those who are eligible. But they don’t have to wait, eligible people can book a vaccine appointment via the NHS website, www.nhs.uk/book-vaccine, app or by calling 119 for free, with parents or carers able to book a Covid-19 vaccination for children under 16 on their behalf.

Some pharmacies are also offering a walk-in vaccination service. Find a pharmacy near you on the NHS website. www.nhs.uk/service-search/pharmacy/find-a-pharmacy-offering-COVID-19-vaccination-services.

The first appointments will be available to attend from Monday, 22 April, 2024, and the last appointments will be on Sunday, 30 June, 2024.