School children takeover Council Chambers to debate climate action ideas

Event will be held in the chambers at the Town Hall on Wednesday, June 15

Students from across Stockport will debate their climate action ideas in the Council Chambers at Stockport Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Youngsters will vote for the best ideas which will then be presented to all Councillors at a full council meeting on 14th July.

At the Stockport Climate Action Now Summit in November 2021 a group of four young people led 66 pupils in a discussion about climate action. The youngsters were passionate about protecting the environment and making sure we avoid climate disaster.

In response, Stockport Council set up the Schools & Youth Climate Assemblies which have so far seen students from across more than 30 schools, learn about climate change and local democracy in lessons held in their schools.

During these lessons they have developed their own ideas for priorities and submitted more than 70 climate action ideas or ‘motions’ to the council for debate.

The debate planned for tomorrow, June 15, will see the young people of Stockport come together in the Council Chambers to debate and vote for which ideas they think are the most important. The debates will be chaired by students with the Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Environment Cllr Mark Roberts present throughout.

The Mayor of Stockport, Cllr David Wilson, will officially open proceedings, with the Leader of the Council Cllr Mark Hunter officially closing the debate once the votes have been counted.

The ideas that will be debated are:

  1. Increase the amount of renewable energy supplied in the Borough, including the renewable energy supplied on school land, which will require finance and advice to the borough to enable the use and production of sustainable energy sources for heating and lighting (composite idea, submitted by Tithe Barne Primary and other schools)
  2. Make it easier and safer to walk and cycle to school by having more and safer cycle lanes, safer crossings, walking routes/trails, traffic restrictions and better paths (composite idea, submitted by St Christopher’s Primary and other schools)
  3. Insulation grants for homes in Stockport (idea submitted by Aquinas College)
  4. Schools design awareness raising posters about climate change and the Council fund printing, mounting and distribution in local communities (idea submitted by Ladybrook Primary School)
  5. Make eco-friendly, biodegradable or reusable period products more affordable and accessible in schools (idea submitted by Reddish Vale High School)

The outcome of these debates and full list of young people’s ideas will be presented to all councillors at Full Council on July 14.

The Council will keep students updated on how their ideas progress following the debate and a commitment to include young people in shaping the future will be made.

To support local climate actions, the Stockport CAN Fund is available to communities and schools to apply for up to £500 for activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Stockport.