Rubbish removals end up in court action

Two Stockport men ended up in court for failing to dispose of waste correctly after they were contacted to dispose of waste through Social media.

Both men pleaded guilty to depositing waste illegally contrary to Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Councillor Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport, said: “These cases should serve as a warning to people about the risks of passing unwanted goods to waste carriers which are not registered. Fly-tipping is not acceptable and when we have sufficient evidence the Council will take action.”

Mr Simon Clarke,45 years, of Chancel Mews, Stockport, pleaded guilty to depositing waste at Old Wool Lane in Cheadle and also on the Haigh Road Industrial Estate in Hazel Grove in May 2018. He posted adverts on Social Media for rubbish removals and removed waste from at least 4 separate locations taking both domestic and commercial waste. Residents and businesses believed that they were passing waste to a reputable waste carrier but Mr Clarke didn’t have a waste carriers license. Some of the waste he fly-tipped ended up on a river embankment. He was fined £2,400 and ordered to pay £1,654 costs and a victim surcharge of £120, a total of £4,174.

Enforcement Officers from the Neighbourhood Service linked the two cases through CCTV footage and evidence within the waste and also through his mobile number which he used to make the waste removal arrangements.

Mr Anthony Keith Scott, a scrap metal dealer, pleaded guilty to depositing waste illegally contrary to Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in that he knowingly caused or permitted the waste to be fly-tipped. He answered a request through social media to dispose of business waste which included confidential material and hazardous waste boxes which officers believed contained needles. Mr Scott made the arrangement to take the waste away and in an interview under caution conducted by Council Enforcement Officers said he then passed the job to a third person who was not traced. The waste ended up fly-tipped on land at Higher Barlow Row off Middle Hillgate in Stockport and Mr Scott was identified. Mr Scott was charged £100 for the disposal. Magistrates said he should have known £100 wasn’t enough to cover the cost of disposing of this type of hazardous waste correctly. He was fined £800 and ordered to pay £784 in costs and a victim surcharge of £80, a total of £1,664.

Residents and businesses could be unwittingly using a rogue trader to remove their waste. Whether through social media or an advert or even by being approached directly residents and businesses need to check they are a registered waste carrier and that they have a permit. It is illegal for them to take your waste if they are not. Residents are warned not to pay a price that is too good to be true as they too could end up in court and could eventually cost them a lot more.

Details of registered waste carriers can be checked at or from the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.