Residents Encouraged to Recycle Right in 2018

Stockport residents are being encouraged to recycle right in 2018 by placing the right things in the right bin.

Stockport residents are being encouraged to recycle right in 2018 by placing the right things in the right bin.

To help people ‘recycle right’ Recycle for Greater Manchester will be running a number of informative campaigns throughout the year - kick-started with a focus on recycling the right type of paper and card following the busy festive season.

Putting the wrong things in the wrong recycling bins can be very expensive for councils. Last year it cost over £640,000 to dispose of incorrect items that people across Greater Manchester put into their paper and card bins.

Newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, paper wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and packaging are the only things that should be placed in the paper and cardboard bin. Increasingly a number of unwanted items are being left in the bin such as food waste, plastics, electrical, clothing, polystyrene and used nappies.

As part of the recycling journey, paper and cardboard from across Greater Manchester goes to a paper and card sorting site in Trafford Park before it is sent for recycling into more paper and card.
Cllr Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Communities & Housing said: “Stockport residents are some of the best recyclers in the country and I would like to personally thank them for doing their bit for the environment.

“Whilst our recycling rates are high there is still more that we can do to increase recycling rates a little more. I would encourage residents to become aware of recycling from every room of the house, in particular bathrooms where things like toilet rolls and shampoo bottles sometimes get missed.”

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Chair of Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, says: “We have made great progress in our recycling efforts across Greater Manchester in the last twelve months and are currently recycling almost 47% of our total waste. There is room for improvement however and often it’s the small steps that can make a big difference. By thinking carefully about the materials we are recycling and putting the right things in the right bin we’ll be able to make an even bigger impact and drive recycling higher to achieve our ‘zero waste’ target.”

More information on recycling is available on the Recycle for Greater Manchester website local information on bin collections can be found by visiting our Waste and Recycling web pages.