Prolific rogue traders to be sentenced

The combined cases involved a total of eight victims who parted with life savings totalling £176,600

 Prolific rogue traders to be sentenced

Two rogue traders with a long history of ripping off homeowners across Stockport and the North West will be sentenced in court next month.

Steven Lee Junior, from Bartle, Preston, appeared in court following separate investigations by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Trading Standards Service, Halton Borough Council Trading Standards Service and Lancashire Police.
He was joined in court by business associate Eli Young.

In addition, Lee Junior’s father, Steven Lee Senior, also of Bartle, Preston, pleaded guilty to running a fraudulent business, in the name of Drysky Property Maintenance, but died in October 2023 before he could be sentenced.

Lee Junior and Young carried out the work under the company name, Dedicated Roofing Solutions and Elite Roofing Solutions.

The rogue trading carried out by the men included carrying out unnecessary roofing work, grossly overcharging for work, acting aggressively towards homeowners to obtain more money, and leaving roofs in an exposed and dangerous state.

The combined cases involved a total of eight victims who parted with life savings totalling £176,600.

Lee Junior pleaded guilty to eight offences of fraud by false misrepresentation.

Young pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation for his involvement in the roofing business.

At the end of the hearing, HHJ Unsworth said it had been a huge task to bring all the cases together and there was a wealth of evidence in what had been a very complex case.

Mark Glynn, Director for Place Management at Stockport Council, said: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the witnesses who helped bring this case to court.

“This case shows that Stockport Council will take action to tackle rogue traders and individuals involved can expect to find themselves with criminal convictions.”

Steven Lee Junior and Eli Young will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on July 12, 2024.