New Hub launched to support residents with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

A new hub dedicated to helping Stockport's residents with special educational needs and disabilities has been launched by Stockport Council.

With education settings being affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) may be facing additional challenges.

As a result, the council has launched its new SEND Hub to offer support and advice to families.

The team of officers making up the hub, which will offer support from birth to 25 years old, will provide a central point of contact so families can discuss any concerns they may have about their child.

Once residents have shared their concerns, the SEND Hub team will work with them to provide support or signpost them to the best support options, guidance and available information.

The SEND Hub is open to anyone, including carers and professionals. It is part of the council's 'early help' support structure.

Cllr Colin Foster, Cabinet Member for Children, Family Services and Education, said: "We have recognised that families with children with special educational needs and disabilities may be facing a more challenging time during COVID-19 crisis. The SEND Hub will provide much needed support to parents and carers of children and young people with SEND during the Coronavirus pandemic. It's incredibly important that all residents have the correct type of support needed during this difficult time."

The SEND Hub can be reached on 0161 217 6028 and by pressing option 2.
This new support hub is in addition to other new services the council and its partners have launched to support residents during this difficult time. If you are or know anyone who might benefit from any of the services, then please spread the word.

Coronavirus Helpline0161 217 6046 to provide support to vulnerable residents (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday and Bank Holidays 10am-4pm)

Emotional Wellbeing Hub0161 217 6028 to provide emotional wellbeing support for younger residents up to the age of 25

The Big White WallThe Big White Wall provides 24/7 anonymous support through a mental health online service

Open Door0800 138 7267 to provide emotional support, practical advice, guidance and telephone support for residents with mental health needs over the age of 18

Shout – is a 24/7 crisis text service for when people need immediate support. Text 'SHOUT' to 85258 and you will be put in contact with a trained Crisis Volunteer

SilverCloudSilverCloud offers free online therapy for all Greater Manchester residents to help with stress, anxiety, low mood and depression

KoothKooth offers free online counselling and emotional wellbeing support to all children and young people aged 11-18 in Greater Manchester.

These services are complimenting services such as the Stockport Health Visiting and School Nursing Helpline on 0161 835 6789 for families of children aged 0-16.
Stockport SEND, inclusion teams, health visiting, school nursing, and therapy services are still working alongside families, schools and educational settings. They are offering help and advice when needed on issues affecting the SEND community during this challenging period, such as:

• Strategies to manage changes to routine
• Challenging or changing sleep patterns
• Supporting home learning
• Behaviour
• Communication
• Children and young people with hearing and visual needs
• Diet concerning SEND
• Transitional back to school
• Sensory issues