New Funding for Community Action to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing in Stockport

Stockport Council is making grant funding available for community/voluntary organisations in Stockport for those who may struggle with mental health issues/low mental wellbeing.

Stockport Council is making grant funding available for community and voluntary organisations in Stockport to help people who may be struggling with mental health issues or low mental wellbeing. Two levels of funding are now available through the Stockport Local Fund.

The money is intended to help organisations to grow and to provide early help and support to people to prevent problems getting worse, and to help them to cope with challenging times, especially in the communities most affected.

Two levels of funding will be available, up to £1,000 through a simpler application process, and up to £10,000 for larger projects. Proposals that will involve two or more organisations working together to support and complement each other will be given preference, especially for larger bids.

Councillor Keith Holloway, Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care said: “The council recognises mental health and wellbeing as a key priority for people in Stockport, especially given the cost-of-living pressures that many of us are now facing.

“Alongside our commitment to improve access to services, we know that community-based projects can make a big difference in people’s lives. As communities, we can all play a part in supporting those around us who may be struggling, and people with lived experience of such challenges often have much to offer to others.

“This funding will help put in place the resources needed at local level to connect people with each other and the wider support available.”

Criteria for prioritising bids received

Bids will be assessed in relation to the amount of funding requested. Proposals will be scored against the following criteria:

• Is the proposed activity likely to be effective, based on evidence for what works in promoting mental health and wellbeing?

• Does the proposal show how it will build psychological and social resilience, by increasing mutual support networks in our communities?

• What impact will the investment have, in terms of numbers reached and the significance of change delivered? How will it reduce inequalities and demonstrate the difference it has made? (For larger projects this may include validated measures and/or detailed case studies)

• For larger projects: How will the money help to ensure continuing activity or lasting benefits after this funding ends?

The closing date for applications is 12 midday on 19th December 2022. For more information about the funding available and how to apply please visit the online form.

If you need help now, for yourself or someone you care about, please visit the Healthy Stockport website for local information and advice.