New charity fundraising website and campaign launched to ‘Keep Stockport Caring’

During this time of need, the voluntary groups that keep our community safe, happy and thriving have seen demand increasing and they need your help to continue their vital work.

New charity fundraising website and campaign launched to ‘Keep Stockport Caring’

A new website has been launched to support Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations and charities in Stockport. The campaign aims to 'Keep Stockport Caring’ during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis and to raise as much money as possible for the sector. A marketing campaign using the hashtag #KeepStockportCaring is being jointly promoted by Stockport Council, Marketing Stockport and Sector 3, a collaborative network of Stockport third sector organisations.

Many local organisations and charities in Stockport have seen a dramatic drop in revenue and lost volunteers to self-isolation, all at a time when they’ve seen an unprecedented rise in demand for their services. These key services need protecting for the whole of the Stockport community and for the future.

Steve Hughes, Vice-chair of Sector 3 says: “With this campaign, the Stockport VCSE sector are working together to raise as much money as possible that will be invested directly back into Stockport groups and organisations. We have launched a JustGiving site because many have lost the ability to do traditional fundraising with the restrictions of Covid-19. The funds raised, added to those we have from other sources, will be used to help VCSE groups and organisations across Stockport, many who currently feel unsupported and unable to continue for much longer.

“Fundraising is only part of the story. There are other ways to Keep Stockport Caring and we also want to encourage people to volunteer time or donate goods to food banks. Many people in Stockport already support local charities but others aren’t sure where to start. Keep Stockport Caring complements other fund-raising activities that are happening and we hope it will get even more people involved in supporting their local communities.”

Councillor Amanda Peers, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Neighbourhoods said: “Our VCSE sector is amazing! People across Stockport have shown how much they care and have freely given their time, money and donations during the Covid-19 crisis. Established organisations, new groups and new volunteers have come together at a time of great need, demonstrating that Stockport works best when we work together.

“We can’t lose the momentum gained doing this vital work and the challenge is to Keep Stockport Caring as part of the ‘new normal’. Stockport Council are proud to be involved with this new fund-raising platform that will make it simpler for local people to support local charities and offer a lifeline for local charities who might not have the profile to fundraise independently at this time.”

To donate visit the JustGiving Keep Stockport Caring website.