National fostering film project launches in Stockport

A new national film encouraging foster carers to come forward has been launched in Stockport.

Stockport Council’s fostering service is joining fostering services across the country for the national release of a new short film commissioned by the largest collaboration of local councils and children’s trusts from all over England. A total of 34 local authorities have been involved in the project.

The unique film project, developed by the West Midlands Regional Fostering Recruitment Forum is now working with Stockport and other councils around the country who have jointly funded the creation of a new film, aimed at helping to find more foster carers who can provide homes for the children and young people who need them.

The short film, called ‘Out There’, highlights the ways fostering can make a difference to the lives of everyone involved, from the children and young people who live with foster carers, to those who come forward to care for them.

Councillor Colin Foster Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Family Services & Education, said, “While we already have many brilliant foster carers in Stockport, the reality is we always need more people to open their homes and their hearts to fostering.

This project has been a superb way of working together to make the production of a high-quality film that will be a real asset to our recruitment of new foster carers for Stockport.

The aim is that this film will be shared on social media reaching our residents and showing them the many benefits fostering brings and helping children and young people into safe, nurturing homes and we are very proud to have played a part in making it happen.

By being a part of this project, we can see that we get the best benefits from pooling resources. The time, knowledge and expertise that working as partners has brought to this project can now help the children and young people in Stockport.

‘Out There’ is a beautifully poignant film which really captures many of the thoughts and emotions being felt today, particularly as many people have reflected during the pandemic about their life choices and the importance of community support. I think the film itself and the shared approach really demonstrates the benefit of collaborative working.”

The film will be available to watch and share from midday 12th October on Stockport Councils facebook and twitter pages using the hashtags #FosterForYourCouncil and #findthebestofyou. You can also watch the film on the Stockport Council Fostering website.

Anyone interested in finding out more about fostering can contact the council’s fostering team on 0161 474 3400 or visit the website