Monkeypox: Statement from the Director of Public Health, 3 July 2022

The Public Health team at Stockport Council are aware that a member of the school community at Thorn Grove Primary School, Cheadle Hulme, has tested positive for Monkeypox.

The member of the school community self-isolated immediately after becoming mildly unwell.

As a result, the relevant people (both staff and children) who were in close proximity with this individual, have been written to and asked to stay away from school. They have also been asked to avoid contact with other young children and those who are pregnant or have weakened immune systems, for 21 days.

Jennifer Connolly, Director of Public Health said:

“We would like to reassure residents that the risk of transmission within the school is very low. However, Monkeypox can affect anyone. It is important to recognise that it can be passed on through prolonged close physical contact or sharing things like clothing and towels.

“We recognise that any period of home schooling is unwelcome and challenging for families. These steps are important for the health and safety of these children and families, the wider school community, and other residents, even if the risk is low. We would like to thank these families for their support with this.

"We will be giving regular further updates.”

Residents who want to know the symptoms of Monkeypox can find this on the NHS website.