Marple Pool Project

Work on developing options for a potential leisure and community hub for Marple has taken a further step forward.

Initial feasibility work was undertaken to develop options for providing a modern, fit for purpose, leisure facility with pool in Marple. This work considered.

• Potential sites for a new facility
• The range of facilities which might be incorporated
• The scope for incorporating a range of additional community facilities with the leisure offer
• Funding options for a new facility

Following this initial phase and in consultation with local Councillors, a detailed design phase was commissioned based on a location around the site of Marple Library on the edge of Marple Memorial Park. This work was completed in late November 2019.

More work is required to see how a potential new facility might be funded, but this can progress whilst further discussions take place.

In March 2020, public engagement sessions were held, along with an online public survey which gathered people’s views on the types of facilities people would like to see to be incorporated into a potential new leisure hub in Marple. From these results, concept designs have been produced and detailed engagement has taken place with local organisations who could be directly affected by, or involved with, the potential scheme which has enabled us to finalise a shortlist of options.

These options will be presented to the public via another public engagement exercise where people will be asked to fill in an online survey. Temporary information boards will also be displayed at Marple Library and at the existing leisure site in Marple. The boards will detail information about the project and will detail the link and QR code to the online survey.
We understand that face to face engagement may have been a better option for most people, however, due to the current circumstances with Covid19, we believe this to be the best way to get the project moving forward.

The online public survey is scheduled to go live in December 2020, with the information boards installed around the same time.

Any questions in the meantime can be directed to