Marple Pool Project

Work on developing options for a potential leisure and community hub for Marple has taken a further step forward.

Initial feasibility work was undertaken to develop options for providing a modern, fit for purpose, leisure facility with pool in Marple. This work considered.

• Potential sites for a new facility
• The range of facilities which might be incorporated
• The scope for incorporating a range of additional community facilities with the leisure offer
• Funding options for a new facility

Following this initial phase and in consultation with local Councillors, a detailed design phase was commissioned based on a location around the site of Marple Library on the edge of Marple Memorial Park. This work was completed in late November 2019.

More work is required to see how a potential new facility might be funded, but this can progress whilst further discussions take place. The next phase will be a programme of more detailed engagement with local organisations who could be directly affected by, or involved with, the scheme. This will enable us to finalise a shortlist of options. We will also be talking to local groups who might be indirectly affected by the development of a new facility. This work will take place in January and February 2020. A further update will be issued once this work is completed.

Following this and, subject to ongoing discussions around funding the scheme, we intend to carry out a programme of wider public engagement with local residents in February and March 2020.