Look before you flush!

The ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign has returned to raise awareness of a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancer – blood in pee.

Look before you flush!

Bladder and kidney cancers are in the top ten most common cancers in England (kidney and bladder cancers are the seventh and eighth most commonly diagnosed cancers respectively). Around 19,100 people are diagnosed with either bladder or kidney cancer each year and approximately 8,000 people die from these diseases each year. Both cancers affect men and women, although they are more common in men.

Early diagnosis of bladder and kidney cancer massively increases the chances of survival.

Councillor Tom McGee, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Health said

“Blood in your pee is a key symptom for both bladder and kidney cancers. Looking before you flush is really important as these cancers are more treatable if found early. So if you notice blood in your pee, even if it’s just the once, tell your doctor. It will probably be nothing serious but it's best to get these things checked out. It could save your life.”

Between 90 – 97% of bladder and kidney cancer cases are in people over 50.

For further information about the signs and symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer, please visit nhs.uk/bloodinpee