Let's get Stockport Moving Together

A refreshed Active Communities Strategy is launching today to get 'Stockport Moving Together'.

Moving more means better health outcomes and life skills for the people of Stockport, as well as improved mental wellbeing, higher energy levels and lower risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Stockport is a relatively active borough compared to other Greater Manchester areas, the North West and England. However, 1 in 3 adults and half of the children in Stockport are not physically active enough daily to maintain their health and wellbeing as they grow older. Stockport Moving Together aims to reduce that number by working with residents, communities, and key partners across multiple sectors to increase opportunities to move more.

Stockport Moving Together focuses on five key outcomes:

  1. Improving resident's health and wellbeing.

  2. Individual development. Physical activity goes beyond health benefits, with many social benefits and skills gained. Stockport SHAPES Alliance is an excellent example of this with their diverse calendar of annual events, interventions and continuing professional development catering to all Stockport schools', including outreach to pupils' families.

  3. Participation and access for all. A 'test and learn' approach funded by Sport England for designing activities for children and young people with SEND is happening across the borough, embedding inclusion via workforce development programmes and engaging communities to create activities they want to see. An example is the design of a new SEND family swim session and supported swims at Life Leisure Avondale centre.

  4. Communities. A fantastic illustration of this is the 'That Counts in Brinnington Forum', a focus group made up of residents, Life Leisure, Brinnington Big Local, Transport for Greater Manchester, Seashell and Age UK Stockport. They are working together to bring about positive change with projects like the 'Brinnington Maps' and regular walking and cycling forums, cycling events and walking groups. The latest addition is a bike repair station located at the Community Hub.

  5. Environment. In Stockport, improvements are happening to make active lives easier, with more than 19km of footways resurfaced in the past year, improved rights of way, creation of public squares and walking routes in the town centre as part of the now complete £73m Town Centre Access Plan. The award of £25m GM Mayor's Challenge Funds to create new walking and cycling schemes across the borough, the Offerton to Stockport route opened last month, and the Bramhall Park to A6 route is due to open later this summer.

Cllr Keith Holloway, Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care, said, "Stockport Moving Together aims to support all residents to be more active, more often. We know that moving more is good for our physical and mental health. An active community can also play an important part in economic growth, social cohesion, cleaner air, employment opportunity and skill development."

Cllr Grace Baynham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Parks and Leisure Services, added, "We aim to support residents to both access opportunities to engage in physical activity, as well as build movement into everyday routines. Working together with a clear vision will make Stockport a happy and healthy place to live, work and play."

To find out more about Stockport Moving Together and for more information on how you can get involved in local physical activity and wellbeing opportunities, watch the video above, or visit the Move Together webpages.