Latest information on Abney Hall Park improvement work

The Council is constructing a path for pedestrians and cyclists within Abney Hall Park as part of a National Productivity Improvement Fund (NPIF) project.

This project is a part of a larger scheme that runs along the A560 Cheadle and Cheadle Heath Corridor and includes improvements at the M60 Junction 2 ‘Roscoes’ Roundabout and at the Manchester Road / High Street junction in Cheadle. The scheme is designed to improve traffic operation, pedestrian crossings and cycling facilities in the area.

The NPIF project was subject to extensive public consultation in 2018 and was approved by the Cheadle Area Committee, Central Area Committee and Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities.

The scheme in Abney Hall Park will provide a quality shared use path that can be enjoyed by cyclists and pedestrians with the inclusion of lighting the path will have increased safety for users.

To deliver this project, and others in the park, there has been a need to remove vegetation, including trees.

The information below provides some project specific information relating to those trees.

The construction of the path required the felling of a number of trees. The total number of trees that are at least 7.5cm diameter at breast height that will be lost is 51.

The condition of each of those trees has been assessed and the consultation documents detailed the reasons why these trees were deemed suitable for removal. All of the trees were either dead, dying, diseased, causing damage or of poor growth.

These 51 trees will be replaced at a ratio of two new for each tree lost.

This means that there will be 102 new, good quality, species appropriate trees planted in the park by the time the scheme is completed, providing a significant lasting environmental benefit for all users of the park well into the future.
The second project on site is the re-routing of a culvert.

This project also required the removal of trees. The trees could not remain due to safety issues however mitigation planting has been included as part of the project plan at a rate of two new for each tree lost.

The works in the park require the provision of a dedicated compound. The creation of the compound is related to advice received from the Health and Safety Executive further to a recent incident in the park. The requirement was to create a compound as close to the construction work as possible but not one that interferes with the day-to-day activities on site e.g. didn’t involve the use any existing car parking spaces. The area that was found to be the most suitable did have a beech tree on site which has been removed. This will be replaced by two semi-mature beech trees.

This work was urgent and essential due to concerns raised by the Health and Safety Executive.