Landcare Adswood development - update

Update on odour reports about the former Adswood landfill site.

Landcare Ltd bought the former landfill site in 2013 to restore the site to the levels agreed in the original planning permission. The site is in the final stages of restoration.

As part of the restoration, the site has been taking specified waste materials to create a cropping platform on the site that will sustain growth and harvesting of fast growing willow trees which will be harvested every 3 years for use as biofuel elsewhere. The site has an Environment Agency permit to import and use these materials.

The Environment Agency is responsible for regulating the site under conditions set out in the permit. The permit has conditions to protect the environment and control pollution.

On 26 March 2018, the Environment Agency visited the site following an increase in the number of reports of odour from this site to both the Environment Agency and Stockport Council. The Environment Agency is in regular contact with the Council and they’ll be supporting them by monitoring the odour.

In response to these reports, the Environment Agency inspected the site and provided advice and guidance to the company.

Following this inspection, Landcare Ltd will be using inert material to cover a small area of the site to reduce the potential for odours.

Landcare have told the Environment Agency that after Easter they will be undertaking general profile work for a few weeks prior to handing the site over to a company to plant trees. The Environment Agency has been told the tree planting will take a couple of weeks.

Reporting incidents

If you wish to report any environmental concerns please contact the Environment Agency's 24 hour incident hotline number on 0800 80 70 60.