Joint statement from group leaders following the death of Sir David Amess, MP

A joint statement from group leaders in Stockport.

"We were all shocked and deeply saddened to hear that Sir David Amess had died after being attacked in the process of holding a surgery for his constituents in Essex on Friday."

“Elected representatives, such as councillors and MPs, and irrespective of their party allegiances, should be able to make themselves available to the public that elect them. We stand in solidarity with all colleagues across the country at this time."

“On behalf of everyone at Stockport Council, our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of Sir David."

“Elected members and council officers will be joining the Government in holding a one-minute silence today, Monday, October 18, at 2.30pm"

A joint statement from Councillor Elise Wilson, Councillor Mark Hunter, Councillor Mike Hurleston and Councillor Anna Charles-Jones.