Illegal tobacco and cigarettes seized from Stockport businesses

The activity is part of Operation CeCe, a National Trading Standards initiative in partnership with HMRC to tackle illegal tobacco.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police and Trading Standards have been visiting shops in Stockport over the last few months and have found more than 52,000 illegal cigarettes and 14kg of illegal hand rolling tobacco hidden on the premises. The concealments were uncovered by a well-trained sniffer dog who accompanied the officers.Tobacco products were seized from the following Stockport businesses:*

Your Local Mini Market, Castle Street, Edgeley
Edgeley Discount Store, Castle Street Edgeley
Mario’s Mini Market, Gorton Road, Reddish
Euro Mini Market, Wellington Road South, Heaviley
Heaton Off Licence, Manchester Road, Heaton Chapel
Stockport Convenience Store, Heaton Lane, Stockport

Premises licences are at risk for any premises found with illicit tobacco products.

Councillor Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport, said: “Intelligence was received through the Greater Manchester Tackling Illicit Tobacco Programme, which is part of wider efforts to cut smoking rates and make smoking history for future generations. All tobacco kills, but illegal tobacco gets kids hooked on a lethal addiction and cheaper prices undermine smokers’ attempts to quit.

“It is not just about the impact on our health, though. The illegal tobacco market is fuelled by organised crime and brings harm to our neighbourhoods and undermines legitimate retailers. We will continue to respond to remove this harmful product from our communities. The tobacco was seized and will be destroyed.”

  • Some of these businesses may have changed hands since the enforcement visits.