Supporting Ukrainian families here in Stockport

Many of our local residents have contacted us this week to find out more about how they can support Ukrainian refugees who may be arriving in the UK.

Several local people have registered with the Home Office to provide accommodation to Ukrainian people fleeing their homes because of the war. They have already been matched with Ukrainian households, but none have arrived in the UK yet.

We're now working with the hosts, to make sure they can offer a safe home when their Ukrainian guests arrive. We're also working to make sure that, when our Ukrainian guests do arrive in Stockport, they have the essential items they need and can access medicine or urgent medical treatment if they need it.

We're in contact with the government and we're working closely with other Greater Manchester councils and organisations here in Stockport, to make sure we can respond quickly when we need to.

We'll also support Ukrainian families to resettle into the area, register with a GP, find a school for their children if they have them. Help will be available for Ukrainian households to claim benefits.

Hosting Ukrainian refugees

If you would like to find out more about hosting Ukrainians in your home or another property visit the GOV.UK website.

We're also receiving enquiries from hosts about a range of issues. You can visit GOV.UK to find some of the most common queries and some specific guidance which has been issued by the government for hosts: Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions.

Donating money

We'll provide details of how you can donate money locally in the coming weeks.

In the meantime there are several charitable organisations who have set up funding appeals to raise money to support people in the Ukraine. Central government suggest you make online donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukrainian Appeal.

Voluntary sector colleagues in Greater Manchester have launched a fundraising appeal to help Ukrainian guests here in Greater Manchester. Find out more about making a donation.

There are many organisations who are raising funds, some of them are listed below:

To find out how to make a donation safely, visit GOV.UK.

Other ways you can help

Right now, we are not accepting donations, but we'll be posting more information in the coming days about other ways you can help, including making donations of essential items.

If you would like to volunteer your time to support our local response, you can register your interest by emailing:

If you have a general enquiry you can email us at