Horse safety update - Brinnington - 23.05.18

Following previous information about problems caused by roaming horses, enforcement action was taken last week in the Brinnington area.

Two horses that were fly grazing were seized by bailiffs. This followed a number of complaints over the Bank Holiday weekend that horses continued to be grazed in public areas and were straying onto roads causing traffic problems.

Previous advice has been clear that where horses are fly grazing and present a risk to themselves and to the community, action will be taken. This action is being taken in support of residents who complain that horses are allowed to roam freely around the area.

It would appear that a small number of horse owners continue to ignore the concerns of others in the community. The Council and other partners remain committed to ensuring that horses are looked after properly and that public spaces are available to everyone.

Reports are still being received about horses in the area and the previous enforcement activity will continue until the problem is resolved.