Horse safety update - Brinnington

Concerns have been expressed about the welfare of horses and safety of residents in the Brinnington area.

Recently large numbers of horses have been seen in parks and on open land including residential areas. This follows on from a recent incident where a number of horses strayed onto the M60 causing a serious safety situation.

Horses have also been left to graze on public land in the area and have been free to roam through the estate. Following concerns from residents, agencies have come together to deal with the concerns raised.

The RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, Stockport Council, GMP and Stockport Homes are now working to deal with the problems.

The RSPCA have already issued notices following welfare concerns. Fly grazing of horses in this way is an offence and powers exist to seize horses and prosecute owners. People who allow their horses to stray and cause a nuisance to others can also be prosecuted. All horses should have a horse passport and be microchipped.

Alternative grazing should be found by owners who currently allow their horses to graze in public areas.

It is hoped that all responsible owners will respond positively with this request which follows on from complaints from residents in the area. However, the agencies involved are determined to ensure horses are looked after properly and that that public spaces are available to everyone.

Agencies involved will be carrying out checks on horses that are being grazed and taking appropriate action where offences are being committed. This could include the seizure and forfeit of horses. Where any horses are seized they will only be returned on proof of ownership and payment of any expenses incurred in seizure and stabling.