Heaton Chapel Active Neighbourhood trial update - September 15

The trial will operate for three months in Heaton Chapel

We are excited that the Heaton Chapel Active Neighbourhood Trial is starting to take shape.

We would like to say thank you to residents for their patience as we have been rolling out the various measures.

We could not make all the changes at once and are still working on a few things, so please bear with us.

The planters will be filled with soil and plants over the coming days, and seating, tables and a community library will be added to the pocket park. We are pleased that the ping pong table is now in place, and there are bats and balls at the table for any residents wishing to try it out.

As this is a trial, some things may need adjusting, so we will be monitoring the trial area closely and conducting regular visits to the area.

If you need to get in touch concerning the Active Neighbourhood trial, in the first instance please email activeheatons@stockport.gov.uk or non-internet users can contact the team on the phone on 0161 2176043.

For emergency, out of hours enquiries, please call 0161 474 5555.