Have your say on adult social care budget proposals

Stockport Council is asking residents to have their say on proposed changes to Adult Social Care services due to continued budget reductions.

The Council is considering changing its charging policy for home care, day services, extra care housing and telecare.

Currently, the Council subsidises these services which means that, even if service users pay a contribution towards the cost of the service, they are paying a reduced rate because the Council pays an amount towards the cost of the service.

Whilst the demand for non-residential services continues to increase, funding from central government has reduced.

This consultation is focused on a number of proposals to remove any subsidies across all non-residential services, so that people are charged the actual cost of the service to the Council, not a reduced rate.

However, this doesn’t mean that we will expect everyone to pay the full cost of the service. The amount people pay towards the cost of their care depends on an assessment of their financial situation.

The Council is consulting on three options outlined below:

  • Remove all subsidies so that people are charged the actual cost of non-residential services to the Council
  • Increase the maximum assessed charge from £289 to £400
  • Remove the subsidy for two carer packages so that people are charged for both carers

Councillor Wendy Wild, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, said: “We find ourselves in a very difficult financial situation and these proposals will help us have a conversation about how we’re going to address next year’s budget shortfall and previous years’ shortfall that were not addressed.

“The Council needs to address what would otherwise be £18m in reduced resources next year and we need residents to help us find ways to meet the budget whilst minimising the impact on frontline services. Also, the proposals are not all intended to take effect in April 2018; some would be phased in, reflecting the need to implement change as fairly as possible.”

To read more about the proposals and to have your say visit: www.stockport.gov.uk/haveyoursay.

The consultation will close on 22nd December 2017.

Further service proposals will become available from 20th November 2017.