GMP and Stockport Council supporting a summer of safe fun

GMP is working with the Council as part of their joint initiative Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP) to tackle youth antisocial behaviour throughout the summer.

During the long summer break there is temptation for young people to get involved in activities that may seem like harmless fun but can be seen differently by other people or carry serious consequences if things get out of hand.

Part of the SSP approach is to offer help, advice and support alongside the wider Safe4Summer campaign, which is running across Greater Manchester. Safe4Summer aims to provide young people with enough activities to banish boredom and offers advice about personal safety as well as promoting messages about social responsibility to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.

Operating under Operation Barometer, Greater Manchester Police have been providing additional officers to support the campaign; and provide a safer environment for everybody.

Sergeant Philip Lowe, of Greater Manchester Police – Stockport Division said: “We want to make our local areas a safer and more enjoyable place to live. Within Stockport specifically, we have seen a dramatic drop in reports of antisocial behaviour and violent crime cases.

“Whilst our work with partner agencies for our Safe4Summer campaign will be delivering activities for young people, we are appealing to parents and guardians to take an active interest in where their children are and what they are doing.

“We’d also like the wider community to be proactive in reporting any instances of antisocial behaviour to police on 101 or via the new LiveChat function on the GMP website.”

Cllr Sheila Bailey, Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing at Stockport Council, said: “Summer holidays have started and it’s the time where young people go out more and explore, so we’re asking them to be careful and to have respect for others around them.

“We’re also asking everyone to take a bit more care with outdoor fires. Fires often begin by simply not properly putting out a cigarette, leaving a barbecue unattended or even leaving a glass bottle in the sun on dry grass. So I urge both parents and young people to be aware of this and have a safe summer.”

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