Former Marple Pool Update – September 2023

Further to the various questions that have been received by the Council relating to the former Marple Baths, the council can update residents as follows

Former Marple Pool Update – September 2023

We would like to provide residents and stakeholders with an update on the background of the building and the future of the site.

The Council has reviewed the original Conveyance of the former Marple Baths site between Mrs McNair and Marple Urban District Council with our external legal advisers. Whilst the full text of external legal advice remains confidential to the Council and subject to legal advice privilege, the advice confirms that whilst the building and land was transferred to the Council for the provision of public swimming, the transfer does not require the Council to keep the baths in that location or building.

The obligation in the original Conveyance to provide public swimming is satisfied by the provision of the new Hub. The Council has made it clear that any proceeds generated from the sale of the land that the former Baths stand on will remain in Marple and be used to provide the required match funding for the new Hub that will deliver a fantastic new facility for Marple residents.

We are also aware of the strength of feeling that surrounds the existing building and its history. The building has been extensively surveyed prior to its closure and is unfortunately at the end of its economic life. The building required extensive repairs and refurbishment to allow it to remain open as a swimming venue and closed as a result in 2018.

The surveys have been reviewed with updates to costs and to refurbish the building for occupation including the filling in of the pool would require in the region of £3.5 - £4.5m of capital investment as well as the subsequent revenue required to deliver any new use in the building. As a result, repurposing of the building is not economically sustainable and we will be seeking to dispose of the site following demolition of the current building subject to planning.